Wow, time flies! Just past the solstice and the daylight hours are getting shorter about 2 minutes per day. It's kind of late but I've thought about doing some kind of irrigation for the garden and flower bed. Probably going to look into getting a rain barrel for now for hand watering. A drip system would be a long term plan, but nothing fancy. Just serviceable.

Next up: plans for the next few beer batches. Going all Brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) now. It's simpler, it's quicker, it's less cleaning. What's not to like? If anyone is looking to get into brewing, DO IT! It's a rewarding hobby and more people do it in your circle of friends and acquaintences than you think. Don't be afraid to reach out to your local homebrew group with questions. If you can boil water and follow a recipe, then you can brew beer!

I don't really plan my batches by the calendar unless I have a beer to make for some event. During the summer, recipes I like are: German Alt, Kolsch, IPA, Honey Wheat, etc.

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