If you can boil water and follow a recipe you can brew beer.

Homebrewing setup

  • Electric element in a keggle
  • BIAB controller on 240 V
  • Using a brew bag to perform BIAB
  • Have a three kettle setup but find I like the simplicity of a single kettle and BIAB
  • Counter flow chiller
  • Conical fermentor for 10 gallon batches
  • Chest freezer converted to a 3 tap keggerator
  • It all started with a partial volume boil on the stove (3 gal) to make 5 gal batches some time ago
  • Fermentations

  • German Altbier - on tap in the capsule
  • Session IPA for a wedding! - on tap in the capsule
  • In Design - Irish Red but with a touch of oats and honey
  • Kegs kicked out the airlock

  • White IPA
  • Kolsch
  • Whiskey Barrel Porter
  • Harp Clone (that one was a great Capsule party!)
  • ^