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,MI    "Y                                                MM
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  `YMMNq. ,M'   Yb   MM' "' ,M'   Yb   MM    MM    MM    MM      VA   ,V
.     `MM 8M""""""   MM     8M""""""   MM    MM    MM    MM       VA ,V
Mb     dM YM.    ,   MM     YM.    ,   MM    MM    MM    MM        VVV
P"Ybmmd"   `Mbmmd' .JMML.    `Mbmmd' .JMML  JMML..JMML.  `Mbmo     ,V

🐉 About this space capsule 🐉

Welcome to Serenity! A capsule space just started in 2022; currently working on these topics:

BBS (Bulletin Board System; WWIV, anyone?)


🍻 Beer and homebrewing

Clocks and Time Sync

  • Thoughts about life that have crystallized
  • other interactive content/communications with folks in Gemini space
  • Current Life Reflection (changes periodically)

    Apparently raised garden beds are like potato chips...you can't have just one.

    Serenity Tiny Log


    For Fun

  • Currently trying my hand at Astrobotany here:
  • gemini://astrobotany.mozz.us

    Visit my Garden


    My Gemlog

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